“Meeting Style consultant Emma from Nomad Thief has really given me a a complete new perspective on how I view my wardrobe and overall approach to how I dress. She has given me some fantastic advice around what shapes, colours and designs suit me and has opened up a whole new world to me when it comes to fashion. During the wardrobe edit we went through each item and she asked me to tell her how I felt wearing that particular piece of clothing. Her mantra is: ‘why would you wear something you don’t feel great in?’ It became clear that there were very few items that I really loved and this exercise resulted in a massive clear out (but she won’t pressurise you to do this if you don’t want to). Next up was to look at what shapes and colours that I wear. I just hadn’t realised how I wear a lot of black and white, and also predominantly wear dark clothes. It was pretty amazing how different I looked when I tried on brighter colours / different colour mixes and how particular patterns suited me. Soon a pattern started to emerge about the type of clothes that suited me and the end result is that I now have a different thought process around how I dress. What really impressed me was that Emma sent me a summary of our meeting which also including  personalised tips and hints and clothes that I now need to buy, which I can refer to going forward. I would highly recommend Emma – she is really friendly, loves style and is keen to share her knowledge with you.” Katy – Teddington

“If you want a photo that shows your personality and helps you stand out from the corporate crowd then Emma is the person to help you.  She finds out all about you and then finds the perfect location to coax you into ‘posing’ for an image that captures your character, whilst still keeping a highly professional look and feel.  For once I feel happy with the image being used and clients say that it reflects the real me!” Claire – Barnes 

“Emma is just great – I can’t believe how much we achieved in the 3 hour ‘wardrobe edit’ session. I was quite nervous about what to expect but she made me feel so at ease and not at all self conscious. I have a much clearer idea now about which direction I should be going in style wise, and I learnt so much in the session, she’s pretty fast paced! I feel much more confident already and can’t wait for my ‘shopping session’ with her.” Jo – North London 

“The service from Nomad Thief personal styling was excellent. Emma was professional and easy to get on with. She made me think about my wardrobe in a totally new way and I feel like I dress much better after just one session.” Alex – Highgate, London

“I feel much more confident dressing for work after my styling lesson. Emma was lovely and made me feel much better about myself. Before, I used to dread finding an outfit to go out of the door in, now I am starting to enjoy it. Her enthusiasm is catching! She also inspired me to declutter which has been life-changing for me.” Annabel – Barnes



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