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I’ve got Sales Guilt. I feel like I should have made the effort to go and hunt out some bargains but I didn’t. I just didn’t feel like it. Instead, the between Christmas and going back to work period passed in a lazy whirl (is that an oxymoron?) of Breaking Bad DVDs and failing to get anything remotely useful done. So, I decided anyway to do a post on ‘5 cool things I’ve recently bought / acquired, despite-not-having-been-to-the-sales’.

#1 Wild boar head. My parents bought me this for my for my birthday (they generally share my enthusiasm for weird stuff) and I think it’s possibly the coolest  thing I’ve ever received. My only problem is where to put it as (if you ask me) it would go anywhere, it’s so adaptable! In a halllway, over the fireplace, over the bed, in a child’s room, in a rustic country retreat, in a modern white walled apartment, in an eclectically furnished Victorian house. I love him. From: Butlers, High Street Kensington, £39.90

wild boar
#2 Furry-Inside Arran Socks – super cosy, super decadent. Worn with boy short pants and a skimpy vest top, am channelling the foxy Austrian au pair vibe. My husband still doesn’t allow me into bed in socks. Dammit. Am not sure where these were from am afraid as they were a gift.


#3 Totally-Cool Plates. My brilliant sister got these for me and I completely love them. I’m a sucker for anything animal-y at the best of times (hence the boar’s head excitement) but these are the whole package – gorgeous earthy toned colours and beautiful designs. Toast and Marmite in the morning was always good, but now it’s even better. She got them from a boutique in Tenby but you can get them cheaper here.  There’s loads of other great stuff on that site too. Plus they have a great code of ethics and donate 15% of all orders to charity. What more could you ask for?


#4 ‘Porn Is The New Black’ jumper. My husband’s. I absolutely love it, it cracks me up. Don’t take it too seriously, obviously. And it actually looks kind of smart on, it’s such a neat cut. On him. On me it looks pretty good too so I’m thinking of borrowing it and upsetting all the PC people out there. From: Selfridges. Brand: Clubbed To Death. Similar here.

porn is the new black

#5 TK Maxx baby clothes. Given the rate at which our friends are producing, I recently considered buying baby clothes wholesale. But instead, I took myself off to TK Maxx (I don’t usually set foot in there – it’s too messy) and found these lovely little ‘designer’ numbers for a lot less than I could have spent. The Converse babygro is my definite favourite and am saving it for a very special little one who’s on his/her way. Now this attitude may seem a bit cheap but hey, I’d rather spend money on clothes for ME! Babies just don’t look after them after all, all that sicking up… Plus, even I can’t define a person’s style at that tender age so it’s all a bit hit and miss anyway.


Hope some of the above appeal to you and save you scratching your heads for January gift ideas. A friend of mine said I have a knack for finding random stuff (am presuming she meant that in a positive way) and that I should share it. So I am.

xx Nomad Thief / Birthday Girl xx

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  1. Your choice of plates and the Magpieline website is in the Times today so you’re way ahead of them. I’ve also found them in Iota in Bristol so thanks for the tip.

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