Shopping inspiration #2

My next 5 ideas for good stuff to buy (it’s 2 weeks since the last one, so time to go shopping, no?):

#1 One of my best friends (she also has very quirky taste in home decor) has this and it’s possibly one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. A modern cuckoo clock. The cuckoo pops out every hour, naturally. It’s from John Lewis and they also do it in white. And red.


#2 A leather pencil skirt. It galls me to give this gem of information away as I’ve just bought it for myself, and I secretly hate anyone else having what I have but here goes: this skirt is amazing. And amazing value too (reduced to £45). They also have it in classic black for £90. I know it’s amazing because I have it in the previous colour they did (a greeny teal) and it’s sooooo soft and comfortable (well, for a skirt). And as you can see from the picture, you can dress it down. As I do. Of course.


#3 Rings. Get yourself or someone else one or more interesting rings. If you don’t want to spend much, try Top Shop. It’s an easy way of livening up an otherwise boring outfit. Be sure to put them on lots of fingers (at least index and middle) but I like to do it on one hand only.


#4 Continuing the wild boar theme from the last gift inspiration post, and in line with my general obsession with anything animal-y, Lush Lampshades (who have a shop in Greenwich) do some great, quirky homeware. These lampshades are available in various sizes and cost between £26 and £75


#5 Black salt. Yup, black. How cool is that? From: Marks & Spencers

black salt

xx Nomad Thief xx



3 thoughts on “Shopping inspiration #2

  1. I love every single thing you feature (In fact I just love this blog). AND I can’t help thinking – -oooh, leather skirt, that’d be easy to wipe down…

  2. thanks jess, louise. sooooo recommend it – really comfy and amazing quality for the price! i’ll post some pics of what i’m wearing them with soon on here. jess – you asked me about ankle boots – russell & bromley have got some amazing ones in to wear with dresses for that ‘alexa chung’ look – @ 175£ so a little pricey but would wear well – worth checking out…
    buy the skirt, both of you! xx

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