This year, I’ve decided, it’s all about the gold. I’ve been a silver girl all my life, but a bit of soft gold is now starting to appeal. It’s ironic, as I very recently was burgled and had 2 beautiful gold bracelets – which my lovely mother in law had given me – stolen. Nevertheless, gold is slowly, surely starting to feature. The afore-mentioned burglary settlement (albeit impending) is spurring me on to buy a few investment pieces (isn’t that what people of my age do?) – namely: a handbag, some boots, and maybe sunglasses or a watch. So, the handbag… I was looking for something practical, and ended up with something (in fact this is not the exact one, mine is a ‘Jojo’, since sold out in gold) that was everything but. I found this after trawling literally thousands. Why is it that no-one makes nice, slouchy handbags?

Unknown-3Boots: I searched Russell + Bromley and Carvela, the two places I’ve bought quality boots before. But it was Kate Cuba came up trumps with these. Cool, no? These were a very close second.

Unknown-1Sunglasses I have yet to find (ideally I’d like some gold aviators with blue lenses like these, but I can’t find them in a size to fit my pinhead). But a Seiko watch could be my next move, having seen this photo on a style file.


Now all I need is a suntan and some warmer weather, and I’ll be able to show you how this all comes together.

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