Shopping inspiration #5

Since am currently staying in Belgrade and managed to come without my camera, this week has been less about street style hunting and more about online browsing. Hence the frequent ‘shopping inspiration’ posts. A post on Belgrade coming soon, in case you’re interested to visit, it’s quite a cool city.

#1 Clarks (yes, Clarks) ‘Anika Kendra’ shoes. Perfect for with boyfriend jeans and a slouchy blazer and vest for spring / summer evenings out. The snakeskin stops them from looking too smart.


#2 Jo Malone candle - French Lime Blossom. Decadent and expensive, but worth every penny to transform your home into a beautiful smelling space.


#3 Demobaza. Resident Evil style clothing. Super cool.


#4 Wallpaper from Anthropologie. You probably wouldn’t want to paper a whole room in it for fear of feeling like you’d fallen down the rabbit hole but this could look fantastic on one wall or panel.


And some other interesting ones from Anthropologie:

073305_095_m 25006933_018_b26361121_095_b

#5 French script boxes. Good for putting all those miscellaneous bits in, either in a bathroom or a bedroom. And great value. Next – £14 for 3



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