Shopping inspiration #6

#1 Anthropologie shower curtain. Beautiful.


#2 Rockett St George online emporium has some great stuff. These angel wings hoop earrings, for example


#3 Alice Palace cards. Like any self-respecting Brit, I’m big on sending cards, despite the advent of the cyberspace age. Thank you cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards, congratulations cards, you name it, I send it. And there’s literally NO better place to buy them than from here. I’ve been a fan for years, especially of the animal ones (no change there then) and the city ones (London, Oxford, Windsor, Brighton, Bournemouth, Cardiff) which are particularly stylish. Reasonably priced, great quality, and very original.


#4 Peacock Screen. Gorgeous.


#5 Rory Dobner ceramic tiles



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