Tim Hobart

This gentleman just absolutely had that je ne sais quoi. He was strolling up Sloane Street looking like a cross between Indiana Jones and Ian McKellen (who I also have a soft spot for since seeing him in Waiting for Godot) and we had a nice chat. What’s more, I was delighted to discover he’s half Welsh! I suspect he might be this Tim Hobart (he just looks like he could be an artist, don’t you think?) but of course he was too modest to mention it. The fishing jacket is from Paris.

fishing jacket

Louboutin & Balmain

Check out the boots! This girl who caught my eye with her quirky look was walking down Sloane Street with her tall friend, also wearing Louboutin footwear.  I suspect you have to have cute small feet to pull these ones off, not sure they’d work in a 41. The jacket’s from Balmain.

louboutin boots

Bank Holiday Monday Girl

Can you imagine? 4 hours on the streets on a bank holiday Monday in London, and nothing! Where were all the stylish / interesting people? Sleeping maybe. Or at any rate, not where I was (Hoxton, Shoreditch, London Fields). However, it was all made worth it when I spotted this super cool girl. She was really friendly… proof that one shouldn’t stereotype people with facial piercings! Her waistcoat is from Ragged Priest.

b hol mon girl 1

b hol mon girl 2