Summer wedding outfit inspiration


Sartorially dangerous territory I have to say, dressing for weddings. People tend to go crazy on colour and pattern, thinking that they must look ‘cheerful’. Now call me awkward, but I like to be different (always have), and I believe that on the contrary, all black (yes, highly controversial) can look great at a wedding (as long as it’s stylish and/or formal enough, and as long as it’s clear that you’re not there in any sort of wicked stepmother capacity).One thing that incenses me is when people dictate what people should wear to their weddings. It’s like colour-themed Christmas tree decorations but more sinister. I heard of one bride (not one of my friends, I hasten to add) who decreed that no-one was to wear any hemline above the knee, and nothing risquee. I mean, seriously? The bride will ALways be the centre of attention and any bride scared of her friends outshining her either has some serious mental issues or some not very nice friends. Anyway, back to the pictures, a couple of ideas for wedding outfits not along the usual lines… my style maven friend Stephanie is wearing a cream summer trilby, a great alternative to a ‘weddingy’ hat or (god forbid) a fascinator (do you really want to look like an Essex girl going to Ascot?) and I’m wearing a plain-ish dress made more interesting (and yes, cheerful) by some pops of colour. Stephanie avoids colour completely and keeps her clutch and shoes neutral (you can’t beat a bit of snakeskin for style). We both came in for a little bit of light hearted flak for wearing dresses that were on the edge of decency for the occasion (a lovely, traditional church wedding) but all in all, I think we did okay. All of my accessories, incidentally, were super cheap (H&M, River Island etc). Socks and sandals is another sartorial minefield but hey, sometimes you have to take a risk! The only thing I would avoid wearing as a guest would be a white or cream dress (without accessorising it clear out of the bridal look zone) so think out of the box, get away from the multicoloured print dresses, and be a stylish wedding guest!

xx Nomad Thief xx


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