Denim and fur part II

Another good find from Zara, I got quite over-excited when I saw this (fake) fur (of course) gilet. The bracelet is from Next (would you believe it? I am not generally a fan of Next but it just goes to show you shouldn’t be sniffy), the shoes and necklace (again: would you believe it?) are from Aldo, and the jeans: Pepe. The gilet goes much better with a tan on a summer’s evening (yes, fur in summer – I think it’s always a good thing to be unexpected) but we didn’t get round to the photographing til now.

1 3gilet22

5 thoughts on “Denim and fur part II

    • Am really sorry Dawn – think is out of stock now, bought it a few months ago (in Zara). There should be loads of fur gilets in the shops still though – happy hunting! Thanks for reading the blog. xx NT

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