These two both look like they’ve thrown themselves together when in fact they’ve just used the kimono / oversized coat to casualise their looks. Very effective, I think. Am not the biggest fan of tight fitting clothing so these looks both appeal to me. Stylish without being stiff.

kimonokimono 2oversizedoversized 2

Modern day 50s look

An updated, polished, 50s-inspired look at LFW. I particularly liked the juxtaposition of the slightly hard look of the shaven part of the head and scraped back hair with the otherwise ultra femininity of the outfit. It might have looked just a bit too Sandra Dee with the hair loose.

50s50s50s 3


Another wearable / replicatable look from LFW. And more navy and black mixing that works. Personally, I’m a bit picky about gold and silver (bag detailing / jewellery) mixing, but it’s not glaring.


Simple, classy, casual

It’s hard to spot wearable looks over London Fashion Week. This girl looked lovely, and it’s a pretty simple look to replicate. Her hair keeps the look on the right side of groomed and you can’t go far wrong with this colour mix. Even though she puts navy and black together, it works as there’s only a couple of other colours, and neutrals at that.



Magic Gourds

Beautiful, quirky little vegetables (or some would say, fruits), full of character! I have become a little addicted to buying them. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colours, a bit like us humans really. Not sure if they are widely available in the UK as I am buying them in the local market place in Zagreb where they are ubiquitous (but not for much longer). Allegedly, they just air dry and keep for ever and ever. Hence they have been termed Magic Gourds by a friend of mine (thanks Romola). It remains to be seen whether they do indeed last for ever and ever but they look mighty pretty in the meantime.

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