Caravelle New York

The lovely people from Caravelle New York were on the ground at Somerset House, LFW2014 and persuaded me to be photographed for their campaign. I generally dislike being in front of the camera, but it worked out quite well as they were so informal and fun. Plus they were kind enough to give me the watch that I’m wearing in the photograph, which I have to say is super cool and serves to bling up my evening outfits a little bit.

Caravelle Emma

Rustic boho

In a sea of ripped boyfriend jeans (don’t get me wrong, I love them) I thought that this girl I photographed on the streets of Belgrade looked very original in her rustic, muted colours and tweedy textiles. And that hair! Like a modern day Pre-Raphaelite… Lovely.





The first in Belgrade

Starting to shoot street style in a different city (today, Belgrade) is always a bit nerve-racking and it takes a while to get your confidence up. I couldn’t have been luckier than to spot these girls first, they were just lovely! They looked like they should be on the streets of Camden. Super cool and kind of punky.

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Time & Leisure article, 21st February 2014

With the age of the internet and the mushrooming numbers of bloggers, it’s hardly surprising that style emerging from the street is now influencing fashion trends almost as much as designer labels, and the two meet and merge at London Fashion Week’s Somerset House where celebrities, designers, bloggers, press, critics, photographers, showgoers, wannabees, models and people who’ve just wandered in off the street all rub shoulders, check each other out and leave inspired.

September’s key trends (checks, tartans, prints, statement necklaces, crazily dyed hair, cut out boots, dungarees, and all manner of headwear including caps, beanies, trilbies, bobble hats, berets, floppy wide-brimmed hats) lived on. Blinged up leather jackets, high impact nails and accessorising, metallics and luxe sportswear made their presence known, but the smattering of more classic Chanel-inspired, monochrome looks proved that they’ll never go out of fashion.

Fur dominated (stoles, gilets, jackets, coats, panels, collars) – mostly fake, but surprisingly for the UK also some real, and the other most prevalent look was ¾ trousers (rolled up jeans, cut off culottes or cropped slim leg trousers) worn with a blazer, cape, or (predominantly) an overcoat (often hung off the shoulders), statement trainers or high pumps, and accessorised with a simple shoulder bag worn across the body. Practical, feminine, and on trend.

Urban looks were given a twist with the addition of retro (50s) sunglasses, and some refreshing, ultra feminine, hippy and vintage vibes were emerging, as well as a lot of forward looking spring pastels and bold florals. Shoes or sandals worn with socks was a clear trend, and the general mood was towards femininity but with a bit of a twist, a bit of edginess. Smart coats were casualised by being worn with jeans and bright ‘statement trainers’, and heavily ripped / frayed jeans (in abundance) were dressed up with high heeled, brightly coloured, pointed pumps.

London wouldn’t be London if it didn’t throw out some grungey, out there looks. Anything goes, everything is embraced, no one is out of place and despite the damp grey weather, spirits were high. London Fashion Week February 2014 – I can’t wait for September!

Text and photographs by Emma Lewis-Galic (Nomad Thief)

Press – interview

Meet the new street style photographer for Croatia

Interview with Emma Lewis – Galic (Nomad Thief)

Today I meet with our new collaborator Emma Lewis Galic from whom you will have seen great street style photos from London Fashion Week on our site a little more than 2 weeks ago. Emma does a street style blog called Nomad Thief and will soon embark on a tour of the streets of Zagreb . This interesting photographer welcomed us into the Zagreb apartment where she lives with her husband (when they are not in their London home) and told us all the details you need to know!

How would you present yourself to our readership?

I am a street style photographer and personal stylist, living between London and Zagreb. I travel a lot and get a lot of inspiration from it. Hence the name – Nomad (constant travelling) Thief (stealing styling ideas for myself and for my readership)…

This hobby you decided to convert into a job after ten years working in a bank … How so? When and why did the turning point occur?

Actually, I had no plan when I quit my job at the bank . All I knew was that 10 years of work at the same place was enough and that I wanted to do something different , something creative. I did a few courses on Styling at the London College of Fashion and I immediately realised that this is what I want to do. I’ve always been interested in photography so…

Why street style photos?

I wanted to help people to dress better, to find their signature style – and at the start the street style photography was just a means to inspire my clients. But I began to love it for its own sake and it’s sort of taken over! It’s also easier to fit in with my lifestyle (am rarely more than a few days in one place, and my office – camera and laptop – is brilliantly portable).  I like the rough and ready, natural, immediate look of street style photographs – as opposed to the still, calm, perfect, contrived look of (some) studio photography for example.

Except in London , street style plan to work from Zagreb and Belgrade. Can you make a comparison of cities where fashion and trends in the issue?

London is the most inspirational – it’s always been at the cutting edge of trends in the sense of them rising from the street. Anything goes and there is just such a great sense of freedom. Zagrebians tend to adopt a certain look that’s the same as their peers – there is less originality but on the whole they are well dressed. Honestly, for me it’s just a little bit too safe, I hope it will change in that respect. I think it is changing, actually. As for Belgrade , that I have not yet managed to get the impression , but I plan to spend more time on their streets and will contact you with feedback then! (laughs )

Which street style blogs are your favorite ?

The Sartorialist would have to be my number one as I like the range of perspective of his photos and he brought street style photography into the mainstream. Also, I’ve met him twice and he seems like a very nice chap, contrary to some of the things I’ve read about him. london-streetstyle, streetcoquette, thousandyardstyle are all great photographers who shoot street style and whose blogs I follow, as well as mysoulinsurance and rodwey2004 on flickr. I love vintage parrot for a modern, sexy take on vintage clothing, and fussykat and twoshoesonepair for updates on current trends.

Who of the known trendsetters would you like to meet on the street and take pictures of?

The Man Repeller. She comes across as fun, irreverent, obviously stylish and above all – smart. Kate Moss because she’s just such a British style icon. Amy Winehouse would have been a dream to photograph. And I admire the way Olivia Palermo projects groomed sophistication without being boring, so I’d be interested to observe her.

What does a person need to have to pique your interest and be photographed?

Either a streak of originality. Or putting together a ‘trend’ but really making it work. And a lack of arrogance. I absolutely can’t bear people who are arrogant. I avoid them and anyway you don’t usually get a good vibe from looking at their photograph, however stylish they are. A person’s personality colours the photograph. Style should be an expression of self, and I love people who have a good look and work on it but don’t take themselves too seriously.

What are you when it comes to fashion? How would you describe your style?

Scruffy, dramatic, individual. Anything but classic – I’ve tried but it just doesn’t work for me. I feel really flat when am wearing what I feel to be a ‘boring’ outfit. I always loved to make an impact – from the age of 9 I had a Welsh sheepdog (black and white) – and used to go out dressed head to toe in monochrome – we looked ridiculous together. Then came my (regrettable) lime green and purple phase. So you see I never worried about what other people thought, having unorthodox style, people staring. Funny, as I’m not otherwise an extrovert at all.

Reveal to us your favorite shops in London .

Ironically, I don’t have much time or patience for shopping but I guess my favourite shops for quick fixes are high street shops like Zara and River Island. Handily Zara’s in London, Zagreb and Belgrade! I like Diesel and All Saints for dresses. For footwear, Kurt Geiger and Russell & Bromley. Oh yes, not forgetting Burberry for coats and jackets. It’s justifiable spending a lot on coats and boots as they last.

Bill Cunningham springs to mind when one talks about street style photography. Do you think you can engage in this business up til any age?

Of course ! Bill Cunningham is an institution and an inspiration to us all street style photographers . He is so passionate when it comes to this job that just want to be like him . I hope that when I am 80+ years old I will still be photographing!