LFW, September 2014

If there’s one overriding trend this London Fashion Week, I admit it, it’s passed me by. It’s not that the inspiration is lacking, it’s more that anything goes. Androgynous, elegant, monochrome Boy Chic is in. Vintage is in, but in a more polished way than ever before. Retro is in, worn styled strongly by confident bloggers for striking, photo-friendly looks. Little round traditionally hippy-esque coloured glasses are in, but they’re worn with outfits you’d never expect. Deconstructed is in, but in a futuristic, classy way. The Burberry blanket effect is in (trickled down to the street translation = oversized scarf/wrap falling down the front of the body and tucked into a belt). Capes are in. Two piece suits (skirts, shorts, trousers – again, the net was wide) are definitely in. Trainers – indeed all flats – are in; ‘sliders’ for example – worn with white sports socks – are (perhaps surprisingly so) in. Semi transparent fabric sections, overtly faux fur stoles, pretty pleats – all in.

Sleek is in. Dope is in. Dressed down is in. Dressed up is in.  Just wearing what works on you is in. Individuals dressing with a different vibe every day of the week (ok, maybe with the exception of Anna Wintour), and mixing up to the max styles, references and levels of ‘formality’… in. Never before has fashion been so free, never more has the line been more blurred between whether it’s the big design houses (not even aligned amongst themselves on clear trends) or the person on the street dictating what ‘fashion’ is. And never before has that person on the street been less stereotypically representative of that person on the street, if you get my drift.

Blurred lines extends to age these days too. There are more cross generational friendships than ever before, and as a society we’re learning not to stereotype so much by age. The younger contingent at Somerset House certainly covered all bases. It’s no longer unusual to be older and love fashion – nor a taboo to be ‘old’ full stop (think of the popularity of all the ‘older style’ blogs popping up, advancedstyle.blogspot.com for example). It’s permissible to come off as cool, laid back, sexy, wacky, trendy – whatever you fancy – at any age, rather than having to fit into a groomed over 40 box, a sensible over 50 box, a frumpy over 60 or a grannyish over 70 box. You don’t have to just aim for either looking elegant, expensive and sophisticated or sensible, acceptable and tidy any more once you hit 40. Everything goes, and that’s what I love about 2014, and about London Fashion Week. Particularly this one just gone.


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