Patient circles

Watch the video here.

Great for increasing a dog’s self control and encouraging calm.

Put your dog in a Sit or Down in the middle of a space. For this your dog must have learnt the command Wait already.

Saying ‘Wait’ as needed, back up a couple of metres. Walk in a circle around your dog, at first slowly, maintaining eye contact and repeating Wait. If your dog breaks the Wait, do not fuss, simply take hold of his / her collar and lead him / her back to the original position and repeat the commands (Sit and Wait or Down and Wait).

As your dog’s patience increases, increase both the distance between you and your dog, and the length of time you do it for, and try to do things that may induce him to break the wait. For example, once the dog is in Wait, you can break eye contact and walk away briskly (rather than back away slowly as you did at the beginning), not repeat at any point ‘Wait’ and walk the circles without looking at him / her.  You can increase the level of temptation for the dog to move by running around manicly, jumping over the dog, waving toys about, throwing toys over his / her head, etc.

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