Supermarket – bar, cafe, restaurant – Belgrade

This place has an open kitchen, floor to ceiling windows, exposed brickwork, industrial concrete and at least one hot waiter. It’s trendy but not annoyingly / intimidatingly so and seems like the kind of place you can drop in and out of at any time of the day. The music (jazzy, chill out) is good but calm enough to brunch/lunch without shouting, and the tables are nicely spaced out. Oh yes and it’s interconnected with an ‘Urban Outfitters’ style shop, with cool toilets evocative of a psycho killer’s house. They could do with some upkeep mind as the fact that a lot of the mirrored doors are broken adds to that vibe maybe just a little too much. Supermarket also apparently has a live jazz quartet every Sunday afternoon. My thanks go to Vuk Vukovic for the recommendation, I’ve spent many hours here recently blackberry-ing, waiting, watching, reading, recharging, and refuelling.