Mia & Rosie

Mia and Rosie were the first people I ever approached in my capacity as ‘street style photographer’. I’d had a demoralising first session in central London, where I felt that people were rushing about so fast that it prohibited any form of human contact. So, I went up to Camden, thinking (quite rightly) that people hanging round there were likely not to be in so much of a rush, and that they were likely to be, in general, more open, friendly and, of course, possibly more quirky. Mia and Rosie were just lovely – super friendly and out to have a lot of fun. I’m sorry I didn’t get a better shot of them as this one doesn’t do them justice. But there you are, Mia and Rosie, Rosie and Mia. I’ll leave you to wonder which is the blonde and which the brunette. Mia, Rosie, if you’re out there – hi, and thanks! xx NT xx

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