I have a bad memory. I can’t remember names, directions, instructions, anything about politics (if I ever knew it) current affairs (ditto), or that I learnt in my last job (clearly I was doing the wrong job…) but the things that are meaningful to me, I remember. I just have to close my eyes to recall every tiny detail of the beautiful family house and garden that we lived in for so many happy years. I can easily visualise the places I’ve travelled to and loved (the eerie black beach on the shores of Lago Grey with its mini floating icebergs, Cape Horn, driving through the Atlas mountains). And I remember every single one of the people I’ve photographed. The way I approached them, the manner in which they reacted, and the shot that I got. And whether I was happy with it, or not. It’s such a privilege when you succeed in making a random connection that didn’t exist the minute before, and such a rush to capture a moment in time that will never be repeated: that outfit, that individual, that day. And it’s given me faith in humankind as some people are just so open and… well, nice! Or shy… but again, just nice! I keep thinking: WHY DIDN’T I START THIS SOONER??!  So, here it is: my new site, and my first ‘letter’ to you.

Street style photography is becoming ever more popular and rightly so, if you ask me.  And don’t get me wrong from the start, this blog isn’t so much about fashion – it’s about style. And style is a talent, a gift to a certain extent, like being a natural at maths or at dancing. But like anything, it can also be learnt, and for most people, needs to be worked at and thought upon. I guess what I’m saying is that the key ingredient you need for success is a bit of interest. Style is a wonderful thing – it can have a huge impact on how you feel, and on the impression you make on others. I firmly believe that everyone should try to uncover and develop their own signature style, and to start to enjoy it.

I wanted to create a site that would also be useful for ‘normal people’ rather than for those in the industry for whom style is second nature, part of their jobs. A site that wasn’t overloaded, something you can browse through when you have a few minutes spare. Not a directory of designer dressing with a surfeit of largely unwanted advertisements and information, but rather just a dose of inspiration. Originally I wanted to simply create a gallery of looks that the readership could pick from and copy, but it’s harder than you may think to find imitable people to photograph. Or maybe I’m drawn to the more curious and brave dressers. In any case, hopefully you’ll draw some inspiration from it. And be assured that everything you see on this site is original material, there will be nothing ‘recycled’ – no summaries of fashion week shows or pictures of celebrities that you can find somewhere else. This is just me, and real people I’ve met on the street.

Finally, why Nomad Thief? Well, apart from the fact that the name came into my head and wouldn’t budge, currently although my home city is London, I’m doing a fair bit of moving around, and, as a result, feel quite nomadic. Thief? Well, I’m stealing style ideas off the street, aren’t I – for inspiration for you, and for me.

xx Nomad Thief xx


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