Main square, Zagreb

Not sure about the mix of greens here – and personally, I’m never sure about pink… but I do like the elbow patches, and she definitely has a bit of somethin’ good goin’ on. I love the shirt – would be great paired with some scruffy jeans and these sunglasses. I also think the pink, green (scarf) and blue could look great together in a different outfit, the colours really pop. (And just for the record, I dislike that expression.)



Dreamy girl

This nice girl was wandering along Oxford Street in a world of her own. She was very pretty (you can tell from the chin, no?) but she said she’d barely slept the night before and she did look a little sleepy (only cos I clicked the shutter just as she was blinking) so I left her face off. I liked the embroidered cheesecloth shirt against the parker.



Dammit, I wish I’d got these while I could, ready for next Spring. Now only black studded ones seem to be in the shops. Am not a big follower of fashion, I just like what I like – and I always like biker-ish boots. And will wear them as long as I can get away with it. And probably even beyond.

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