Shopping inspiration #2

My next 5 ideas for good stuff to buy (it’s 2 weeks since the last one, so time to go shopping, no?):

#1 One of my best friends (she also has very quirky taste in home decor) has this and it’s possibly one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. A modern cuckoo clock. The cuckoo pops out every hour, naturally. It’s from John Lewis and they also do it in white. And red.


#2 A leather pencil skirt. It galls me to give this gem of information away as I’ve just bought it for myself, and I secretly hate anyone else having what I have but here goes: this skirt is amazing. And amazing value too (reduced to £45). They also have it in classic black for £90. I know it’s amazing because I have it in the previous colour they did (a greeny teal) and it’s sooooo soft and comfortable (well, for a skirt). And as you can see from the picture, you can dress it down. As I do. Of course.


#3 Rings. Get yourself or someone else one or more interesting rings. If you don’t want to spend much, try Top Shop. It’s an easy way of livening up an otherwise boring outfit. Be sure to put them on lots of fingers (at least index and middle) but I like to do it on one hand only.


#4 Continuing the wild boar theme from the last gift inspiration post, and in line with my general obsession with anything animal-y, Lush Lampshades (who have a shop in Greenwich) do some great, quirky homeware. These lampshades are available in various sizes and cost between £26 and £75


#5 Black salt. Yup, black. How cool is that? From: Marks & Spencers

black salt

xx Nomad Thief xx



Dismantle and reassemble

Empty out your jewellery drawer. Put to one side all the bits you don’t like / wear. Get some necklace (/fishing) wire from John Lewis or similar. Also some necklace fastenings. Dismantle. Take a trip to some local charity shops or car boot sales if you need some extra beads. Reassemble in  different combinations / lengths. And / or give to your kids to do to keep them busy. Assuming they’re not of unintentional-bead-swallowing age. These are my efforts from last week.

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2013 Style Resolutions

You would think that, being into style, by this point in my life I’d have tried and tested everything. In reality I’m lazy about shopping (unless it’s for other people) and these days often find myself into a style rut and just going for comfort/casual dressing (typically, jeans or shorts with a t-shirt or jumper and boots) and looking like a (n albeit stylish) tramp. A bit like this recent post from undisputed street style photographer king The Sartorialist:


Now I think she looks great and I love the style, but for me, it’s time for something new… So, in writing this, am committing myself to devising some new looks, and to showing you the results – lame or otherwise. Namely, the following: lipstick (am a bit worried about this one, my past attempts have been not only disappointing but frankly a little bit frightening) / clothes from the mens department, but this time feminised / earrings (necessitating re-piercing my ears) / grown up shoes (not that I wear Crocs or anything, just that I seem to wear boots winter and summer) / statement collars, necklaces, buttoned up shirts + jumper necklines (good for covering up my scrawny neck) / winter bare legs with boots and calf length skirts (am most excited about this one) / blouses, jeans and high heels / vintage looks, all sorts / more jewellery in general (in particular – bangles, long necklaces and cocktail rings) / tracksuit bottoms and high boots (a la off duty Parisian model. Obviously I’ll look just like one) / dressing up (I have a pathalogical fear of being overdressed and need to get over it as it’s actually nice to make an effort) maybe in actual pretty dresses (I also have a pathalogical fear of looking ‘pretty’) / green (I love it but I don’t wear it enough). I think that’s it.

We all tend to stick to certain ‘formulas’ and we all get bored. Let’s mix it up. Pinpoint something (else) that you like (just look around at other people, or have a flick through some magazines) and just try it. Chances are that although you might have nailed one sort of look, you’ve probably missed a whole load of others that could work on you. Yes, it takes a little bit of thought and effort. But doesn’t everything worth doing?


This lovely, polite and natural girl from Inverness confirmed what I had suspected, that there’s a LOT of (real) fur on the streets this year. This jacket she had on was ‘an old one’ (which makes it slightly more palatable… my mum used to wear a wolf to my school gates and I wish she hadn’t got rid of it as I’d be tempted to wear it). I’m not one to throw paint over people and I recently chose a down filled ski jacket not realising that that too is ‘dodgy’ – but please have a read of this about fur. There are so many good fake alternatives out there now… admittedly not quite as warm, but what price a clean conscience? Another thing am noticing on the street is a lot of ‘top knots’. In fact it’s my hair style of choice lately – just makes sense with all my big-collared coats.


scottish girl 2scottish girl 2scottish girl 1scottish girl 1

scottish 3

Fur and silk

Nice outfit, I like the way this girl looks like she’s from a different decade / city. And the bare legs in winter trend is one I’d like to master. She did admit she was quite cold though (it was minus 1 out that day). Don’t you think she looks like she belongs in a theatre? Great example of how mixing differing fabric weights (fur and silk) can work well and look ‘arty’. An unusual colour palette too.

bare high max 2


This girl and her mate were returning from a successful shopping mission down Brick Lane. They seemed really cool and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were art students and destined to both make it, there was something special about them. She’s here demonstrating clashing prints, un-matching denim, and layering – this girl is not afraid, or bound by rules. Love her for that. And check out the shoes!

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