Headscarved Parisienne

This girl was – of course – from Paris. We had a somewhat comic ‘exchange’ wherein I was trying to find out where her sunglasses were from, but couldn’t understand what she was saying, with her charming heavy accent. I think she thought that for my part, I was slightly mentally challenged. The sunglasses were (I think) from Sweden and (I think) had a skull logo on them. Anyway, that’s not important. What’s important is that her look rocked!

headscarf girl



Dela Seglah

This chap was very interesting, and very stylish. An Orthodox Jew born in Ghana who’s lived most of his life in Russia, and buys his suits along the Portobello Road. And styles them well. And insisted I look German. Which I’m not by the way. We had a good old chat. Loved his complete outfit from the sunglasses to the bag to the handkerchief in his top pocket!

dela 2

Pan & Emma

Loved these two: Pan, and Emma. Emma looks a bit stern in my picture but she wasn’t at all, she was super smiley and beautiful (see picture 3). And like all the other Thai people I’ve ever met, both were incredibly friendly yet polite. Their tops are all from Wonder Anatomie, a label from Thailand. I think it might just be my next Demobaza…

panemmapan & emma



Being accosted

Now usually I’m the one doing the accosting but this bloke accosted me as I was walking up Regent Street. To be fair I was staring at his cool top. As you can see, he liked being photographed and was full of personality. It was refreshing to meet an extremely friendly, unreserved (East) Londoner and he was full of the joys of Spring! He told me that he’s currently working for Jogpost. It’s a pretty cool concept – they recruit fit people to run packages and leaflets around London. Genius! He will not forgive me if I don’t mention his impressive muscles…