Shoreditch lovelies

Personally am not a great fan of the Shoreditch beard trend and am relieved to hear it’s dying a death. That said, style is all about self expression and who am I to judge. It’s at least not boring, there’s nothing worse than being boring… Loved the girl’s tie dye look top, perfect for a muggy hot Saturday afternoon in the City.



Super cool girl, again East London near Boxpark. Not easy to look good as a blonde with a fringe, I don’t think, but she totally pulls it off, it showcases her beautiful features perfectly.

girlgirl 2

Boxpark girls

I live in West London (Shepherds Bush, precisely) but I love to go East. Every part of London is interesting for me style wise (and every other wise, let’s face it) but East always throws up some fresh and inspiring looks. These girls were wandering around Boxpark, don’t they look great together? Yin and yang and all that.



Met this gorgeous smiley friendly Portugese chap wandering near Hoxton Square on a hot sultry Saturday. He writes his own blog so immediately knew what was up when I hared across a busy main road (nearly getting run over in the process) to catch him. You can find his blog here.