Follow me on Instagram (@nomadthiefdogtrainer) to see my own training journey. Early on when I was having one on ones (a series of them, I have one quite ‘difficult’ dog!) with professional dog trainers, and then when I started to really learn about dog training – reading / watching / attending countless books / vlogs / courses, I thought to myself ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful if all those tiny nuggets of useful information that we stumble across, all those subtle keys for unlocking a dog’s responsiveness and potential, all those little lightbulb moments that we experience could be collated in one place!’ So alongside posting photos and videos of my own dogs daily antics, I have started working on doing just that. Find the tips (many more every week) easily on the search field: #nomadthieftrainingtips. You can also search: #nomadthiefbehaviours to see the behaviours (cues, ‘tricks’ and so on) I am teaching my dogs.

For those of you not on Instagram I am also copying the ‘tips’ below (although some make less sense without the accompanying photo / video). Instagram is such a great way to share knowledge and to learn from and connect with others.

Content coming soon!