Nomad Thief is available for Personal Styling and for Street Portraits. For testimonials, click here.

What is Personal Styling? It is all about helping you feel and look great. It isn’t about changing you, or spending a fortune on an entire new wardrobe. It’s about becoming more confident with your look, making the most of the clothing you already have, discovering an approach to styling and learning to add to your wardrobe sensibly and effectively. You may wish to get more of your personality across through your everyday work clothing, be confused as to how to make current trends work for you, want to make sure that you look suitable for your lifestyle, or just have some help getting your cluttered wardrobe in hand. The time, money, and effort saved going forward really are worth it.

The coffee. We meet up (somewhere in central London) and have a little chat about your current wardrobe situation, or anything else really. Duration: 15-30 minutes. No cost.

The wardrobe edit. If you decide to go ahead, I come to your place and rummage through your wardrobe with the intention of showing you what you need in order to transform it into a working wardrobe.  I explain to you which shapes / colours / textures / styles / looks suit you and why, what to avoid, and so on. I don’t make you feel bad about the state of your wardrobe or approach to dressing to date – rather, I encourage and cajole… Duration: 3 hours – no breaks – honestly, the time flies by!

The shopping session. We trawl around the shops together to find some great stuff for you. You put into practice what you have learnt during the wardrobe edit, and learn more about what fabrics, cuts, looks suit you. I don’t pressurise you to buy anything or to enter shops out of your budget range. Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours including a quick coffee if you start to flag.

Feeling anxious? Don’t. I am here to help – the more disorganised your clothes, the better – I don’t expect to see perfect homes or walk in wardrobes. I’m not about to make you get naked or grope you (although it does help if you’re happy to slip a few things on) or bulldoze you into anything, but I am going to point out the clangers in your wardrobe and where I think you’re going wrong (and right!) so be ready to hear my honest opinion. And lastly, don’t worry about the budget. High street or designer, it’s your call.

Street Portraits. How does it work? Far less informal and mortifying an experience than studio portraiture, this can be fit into your lunch hour. We meet up (anywhere in central London), have a coffee, have a wander, have a chat, find a cool backdrop, work out your most flattering angles and expressions, and take shots until we are both happy. Perfect for people who want some good, natural photographs of themselves be it for a work website, dating site, social media profile, to give to family/friends/partners, or whatever. I am pretty good at making even the most self-conscious and awkward people feel comfortable behind the lens – I make the whole procedure as painless and cringe free as possible. Of course if you’re already comfortable being photographed, that just makes my job easier – pose away!

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