Main square, Zagreb

Not sure about the mix of greens here – and personally, I’m never sure about pink… but I do like the elbow patches, and she definitely has a bit of somethin’ good goin’ on. I love the shirt – would be great paired with some scruffy jeans and these sunglasses. I also think the pink, green (scarf) and blue could look great together in a different outfit, the colours really pop. (And just for the record, I dislike that expression.)



Dreamy girl

This nice girl was wandering along Oxford Street in a world of her own. She was very pretty (you can tell from the chin, no?) but she said she’d barely slept the night before and she did look a little sleepy (only cos I clicked the shutter just as she was blinking) so I left her face off. I liked the embroidered cheesecloth shirt against the parker.


Summer styled chinos

Let’s face it, chinos are pretty boring and usually consigned to the ranks of off duty corporate types (male), worn with ‘boat shoes’ and some awful generic polo shirt. A uniform of sorts, but not an inspired one if you ask me.  Now chinos on a girl can look a little bit, dare i say it… butch. So, in my opinion, you’ve just got to team them with something pretty. For me, high heels are pretty much a no go area (not that they’d go with chinos anyway), but platform sandals kind of work. I have to confess that I didn’t make this up (ahem, I’m not called Thief for nothing) – I first saw this look at a friend’s wedding (thank you, Eleanor Taylor). The something else pretty is beads. Oh, and take care to show your ankles and to keep the top half cropped / not too bulky. Tada! (Denim jacket from Burberry, beads from Mistral, chinos from Gap, sandals from M&S.)

This was the sunset that night – and the photo hasn’t been enhanced in any way. Beautiful, huh?