Online training courses available: 

Good Dog Level 1 (basic, important canine life skills such as loose lead walking, settle, recall) featuring Dean, Jo-Rosie and Nando from the School of Canine Science 

Coming soon (will be filmed and launched Summer 2021): 

Hanging Out With Your Dog  (a series of fun and easy to follow exercises that will help you bond with your dog, drawn from several disciplines – obedience, trick training, agility, cavaletti, freework, scentwork, tug play, disc dog, freestyle)  

Working Breed / High Drive Pet Dog Training Exercises (gundog training exercises, whistle training) 

Frustration Tolerance Building / Impulse Control Exercises (building good manners and patience) 

Exercises for Countering Separation Anxiety 

Nomad Thief Dog Trainer’s aim is to eventually help other people and their dogs blend their lives harmoniously and happily. I will strive to help individuals and families understand, interact and bond with their dogs better and from 2022 will be available for in person sessions in Central / West London. Via my online platform I will encourage my clients to work on important canine life skills which will help to reduce the stressful situations many dog owners experience and form a basis for future work and play together. My in person focus will be on firing up owners and dogs with enthusiasm about enjoying spending time together. I will introduce clients to a whole raft of simple games and exercises spanning many disciplines (obedience, trick training, play, scentwork and agility). I use motivational based methods with strong boundary setting and leadership where necessary. I pride myself on being a practical, creative and adaptable trainer. I am passionate about enrichment and want everyone’s dog to become a great friend that they have the best fun with. Further to my own experience I am also passionate about helping people deal with the feelings of isolation and stress of having a reactive dog and helping them practically both short term manage and long term rehabilitate their dog as far as possible.

I do not work with puppies and prefer to work with clients who have rescue dogs.  

Have a browse of my instagram account if you would like to see more. @nomadthiefdogtrainer

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