KJ’s Laundry – boutique – London

Maiden of Mirth (a girl I accosted on Brick Lane a little while back to take her photo) and I went to KJ’s Laundry (Chelsea) and tried to find some tops to go with her cool leather harem pants. This is what we found. I like the red chunky knit best, it’s nice and sharp. I would have never picked it out (I have a thing about red and black together, since they were my school uniform colours) but the lovely Amanda from the shop and Linda (Maiden of Mirth) zeroed in on it straight off. KJ’s Laundry has 2 stores – Chelsea and Marylebone – and they stock great separates by brands such as Vanessa Bruno Athe, MM6, Humanoid, IRO, Tucker, Samantha Sung, Sessun, Ilaria Nistri Roque, YMC, Pyrus, Timo Weiland, Thakoon Addition, Rabens Saloner. Pictured: Swildens – bright red knit, Vanessa Bruno Athe – patchwork silk blouse, MM6 – t-shirt, Tucker – absinthe butterflies shirt.


Modelling: Maiden of Mirth 

Photography: Nomad Thief 

Clothing: KJ’s Laundry


Vintage tees

These two didn’t know each other – they make a great couple style wise though with their washed out tshirts… I wonder if she was subconsciously drawn to him out of all the stallholders because of this. He was selling pizza (featured!) and she was mooching around Camden. She had a lovely, self-contained vibe and they were both really friendly which, let’s face it, is simply cool in itself!


Dreamy girl

This nice girl was wandering along Oxford Street in a world of her own. She was very pretty (you can tell from the chin, no?) but she said she’d barely slept the night before and she did look a little sleepy (only cos I clicked the shutter just as she was blinking) so I left her face off. I liked the embroidered cheesecloth shirt against the parker.