Denim and fur part II

Another good find from Zara, I got quite over-excited when I saw this (fake) fur (of course) gilet. The bracelet is from Next (would you believe it? I am not generally a fan of Next but it just goes to show you shouldn’t be sniffy), the shoes and necklace (again: would you believe it?) are from Aldo, and the jeans: Pepe. The gilet goes much better with a tan on a summer’s evening (yes, fur in summer – I think it’s always a good thing to be unexpected) but we didn’t get round to the photographing til now.

1 3gilet22

Denim and fur part I

Now this outfit post was supposed to illustrate how some ‘brights’ can cheer you up on a dull day. But suddenly (here at least) it got sunny… The two tartans scarf is from Zara, and was motivated by seeing this lady at London Fashion Week. I’ve just realised that it’s the exact same scarf (I’d presumed she was wearing two.) The jeans are from Pepe, the jacket from Reiss, and the boots, Kate Cuba.



These two both look like they’ve thrown themselves together when in fact they’ve just used the kimono / oversized coat to casualise their looks. Very effective, I think. Am not the biggest fan of tight fitting clothing so these looks both appeal to me. Stylish without being stiff.

kimonokimono 2oversizedoversized 2

Modern day 50s look

An updated, polished, 50s-inspired look at LFW. I particularly liked the juxtaposition of the slightly hard look of the shaven part of the head and scraped back hair with the otherwise ultra femininity of the outfit. It might have looked just a bit too Sandra Dee with the hair loose.

50s50s50s 3


Another wearable / replicatable look from LFW. And more navy and black mixing that works. Personally, I’m a bit picky about gold and silver (bag detailing / jewellery) mixing, but it’s not glaring.


Simple, classy, casual

It’s hard to spot wearable looks over London Fashion Week. This girl looked lovely, and it’s a pretty simple look to replicate. Her hair keeps the look on the right side of groomed and you can’t go far wrong with this colour mix. Even though she puts navy and black together, it works as there’s only a couple of other colours, and neutrals at that.