Glastonbury outfits (1)

A few of you have been asking what I wore to Glastonbury. I didn’t get any pictures taken on site as I was too busy photographing other people, but here’s an approximate replication of one of my outfits! Think I might have exaggerated that street style stance there, just a little bit….. 🙂 Jacket: Diesel, vest top: Bershka, beads: my own, boots: CAT, leggings: H&M, cap: some random shop in Zagreb.




According to Wikipedia, war bonnets (warbonnets or headdresses) are worn by honoured Plains Indian men. In the past they were sometimes worn into battle, today they are worn primarily for ceremonial occasions. They were seen as items of great spiritual and magical importance and their beauty was considered to be of secondary importance; the bonnet’s real value lay in its supposed power to protect the wearer. Warriors wore the headdress in the belief that the power of the feathers would help them avoid injury.

warbonnet 2 warbonnet

Prints mix

This girl was leaping about like no-one’s business – I literally caught her in a rare split second of standing still! A Cath Kidston type print rain mac never looked so good. The way she’s thrown it all together just works – v quirky.



Unfussy style

These girls were having a right old chinwag when I felt compelled to interrupt them but they were super nice about being photographed. Black painted nails – great idea for a festival – they will hide a multitude of sins! Love love love the camo jacket.