Dogs of London

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It is NOT out of stock (it is print on demand) so if you see that, be aware that it is a shipping issue. E-book will be out in 2022 if not before!

Dogs of London intertwines loosely the various stories of a group of urban-living dogs and their Londoner humans, set in Kensington Gardens and around. The book is a soothing respite from the fraught, conflict ridden world we live in, an uplifting, heartfelt, insightful, apolitical romp around the everyday in our city, set in a time pre Covid induced restrictions and lockdown puppies. It is an ode to dogs everywhere – their resilience, their optimism and their ability to build bridges between people of all ages and demographics.

Grey, desperate to leave his heartless owner runs away, only to end up in a worse predicament. Rhett, haunted by his past, defies convention by living a life aloof from humans. Anxious, traumatised Beagle slowly gains in confidence thanks to his new friendship pack. Rolf, Piper, Kip and Lexi breeze through life. Nero’s fate hangs in the balance. Sarah is dying. Their humans are a whole other story.

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£ to charity for Dogs of London

Dogs of London is a self-funded and self-published novel for adults. 100% of the proceeds will go to dogs in need, mainly to the following three charities who do even more than rescuing, sheltering and rehoming dogs in dire conditions. Details of funds transferred to them (and to other smaller scale dog rescuers) will be transparently and publicly posted regularly on this page.

Paperback cost £7.99 60% x royalties – printing costs to be updated x no of books sold

E-book cost £3.50 of which I receive 70% of royalties to be updated x no of books sold

No of books sold XXX / Total proceeds £XX / Details of donations made to be updated

Serbia’s Forgotten Paws (Serbia) work with pounds to improve shelter conditions, run shelters and neutering campaigns and implement Catch/Neuter/Release programs for street dogs

Galgos del Sol (Spain) do education work with local schools, conduct neutering programs and raise awareness about the plight of the Galgos

The Wild at Heart Foundation (London based but run projects globally) do neutering programs and education work as well as awareness building on many fronts