Classic coat

Classic with a twist. I bought this around 10 years ago and although it seemed super expensive at the time (I think it was around £200, which was a total bargain since it’s JC de Castelbajac) I have worn it so much that cost per wear is minimal. I love the high up pockets and the shape. It fits like it was made for me. That’s what you’re looking for in a tailored coat.

Statement jacket

Great jacket. MY great jacket. Spotted by my quite brilliant other half in a vintage / 2nd hand store (Absolute Vintage on Berwick Street) in Soho, London last year. It’s a little too big for me, and also it’s kind of grubby (white deerskin is highly impractical as a jacket material, for future reference) but super cool nonetheless. Never quite sure what to wear it with, but my new camouflage trousers (thank you, Zara) seem to go with anything… or rather they have to go with anything, given I can’t seem to take them off. The ‘love padlocks’ were on a wire fence near Bethnal Green Road. Sweet.

Lavender bags

Assemble some net, some ribbon and some lavender. Cut net into circles, gather lavender in centre and tie up with ribbon. Voila! Apparently they deter moths. And even if they don’t, they look and smell nice – just pop a few in your drawers.

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Covered hangers

This is actually quite easy to do, if a little fiddly and time-consuming. Am afraid I forgot to take step by step pictures to illustrate. Get some wooden hangers. Assemble some old tights or any old fabric you don’t need and wind it round the hanger to pad it a bit. Stitch (by hand is fine, I did a plain running stitch) a sort of oblong of material around the covered hanger. You can then add any further ribbons etc as you wish.

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Vintage tees

These two didn’t know each other – they make a great couple style wise though with their washed out tshirts… I wonder if she was subconsciously drawn to him out of all the stallholders because of this. He was selling pizza (featured!) and she was mooching around Camden. She had a lovely, self-contained vibe and they were both really friendly which, let’s face it, is simply cool in itself!