Alternative Gift Ideas

#1 All the ingredients for a cocktail together with the recipe written / printed out, preferably stylishly

#2 If you’re a film buff, a list of great films (old and new) and a subscription for Lovefilm

#3 Tickets to see a film at an arthouse cinema (preferably a licensed one with sofas like this one)

#4 A Yoga Nidra CD (honestly, try it – you can’t not like it) and a nice candle (or an oil burner, essential oil & tealights)

#5 A cake that you’ve baked yourself, inside a fabulous tin. Like one of these, or go retro and special with one of these

#6 A DVD or 2 of your favourite films (you’ll have to subtly find out first if they’ve seen it/them) or series. Personally, I would suggest ‘Jeux D’Enfants‘ (Love me if you dare) or ‘Breaking Bad’

#7 Something that might inspire the receiver to get into a new hobby. Think: an origami set, a flower press, a sketch book and pencil, a camera

#8 Something that might inspire the receiver to get into fitness. Careful with this one for obvious reasons. Think: a gym membership or day pass, a bike. Or just a skipping rope

#9 A board game. Like scrabble. Let’s face it, most of us seriously need to step away from the computer / TV these days

#10 An ‘itinerary’. Tailor a day or afternoon out and write / print it out with care. We all get fed up with trying to think of ‘things to do’ and it’s always nice to do things on personal recommendation

#11 A nice book (try not just to buy something you fancy reading) – or a coffee table book. Be sure to write an inscription inside, this is as important as the choice of book

#12 A USB stick with some great tunes on it, hand picked by you, for them

For new parents:

#13 Something to amuse any elder siblings: sticker books, craft materials and so on. Try Paperchase or The Natural History Museum / Science Museum shops. Chances are they’ll only be too grateful to have something to keep them busy whilst the new baby is getting a lot of attention and the new parents are feeling frazzled. And let’s face it, babies don’t really appreciate gifts

#14 A gift for themselves (pampering stuff for the mum, a bottle of whisky for the dad, or a new CD – not that they’ll get a chance to listen to it but it’s a nice thought. Or a really posh candle / something else equally decadent and unnecessary) instead of for the baby

#15 A load of really nice thank you cards (try here) and stamps. It’s one of those things they’ll feel they ought to do but might be a hassle to get together, during those first few weeks

For those with kids:

#16 If you’re long on time but short on money, give friends-with-kids a ‘token’ for babysitting (make sure you agree a date there and then or follow it up). Only really a good idea if they have okay kids. Who sleep a lot

For kids:

#17 Biscuit cutters, like these, together with a recipe and the ingredients. I’m slightly obsessed with biscuit cutters (even though I rarely make biscuits)

#18 Mars bars, Rice Krispies, golden syrup and some cake cases to make their own Mars bar krispie cakes

As a leaving / retirement gift:

#19 A handkerchief on a stick filled with £1 coins (like in the cartoons / Enid Blyton films when someone’s running away from home – know what I mean?)

#20 A travel book (100 things to do before you die, or similar. That’s not meant to sound morbid by the way.)

Helpful at all? I hope so.

xx Nomad Thief xx




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