Shopping inspiration #3

#1 Metallic bag, super cool. £14.99 from H&M


#2 Not that I’m obsessed with animal heads or anything, but, this mirror from this online shop is quite special. Thanks Amelia for letting me know about it. Am really tempted, but I think it might be pushing my husband’s patience – what with the huge wild boar’s head already staring down at us..


#3 Cropped jacket, £34.99 from H&M. A cheap (but effective) way to get the Lahore look.


#4 Now the photo doesn’t do this justice – apologies – but I promise you it’s worth checking out. A cross between a cardigan and a coat, this piece is super wearable, and mixes edgy with femininity brilliantly. It feels lovely on, and the zips are heavy and nice quality. £95 – Warehouse.

leopard coat

#5 All that shopping surely calls for a snack. Tyrrells popcorn. The sweet and salty one (I haven’t explored the others). You can get it in Waitrose. Seriously, try it. I got through 3 packs within a couple of hours last week. That’s roughly 15 servings. It’s seriously good, and seriously addictive. That’s way too many seriouslys.


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