Shopping inspiration #4

#1 Wild animals, so beautiful. I covet these, from here.


#2 I’m becoming a little obsessed with ‘odd plates’. These are just gorgeous, and fantastic value too. You can use them, or display them on the wall. There’s 4 different designs (in this set and this set), in black and white or blue and white. Just great as a gift for stylish person who has everything.


#3 Yes, even more wild animals. These are gorgeous quality and so original. I was very excited when I saw them! Great for creating that kind of 1920s / art deco vibe in your home. From the shop at the entrance to Somerset House.


#4 Wall stickers. I like these or these. But there’s loads online – see which you fancy – it’s kind of like getting a temporary tattoo for your house.


#5 Statement necklaces. These are both from Zara. So pretty, and a really easy way to add some interest to your look. About £20 each.

necklace 2necklace 1

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