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Wedding season is fast approaching, so I thought it would be useful if I trawled around for some nice, high street dresses. Am shocked at how many awful ones there are out there to be honest, so be careful. And styling is all important so please think about your shoes and bag and jewellery – and factor them into your budget (or organise to borrow) – those things can ruin even the best dress, or elevate a mediocre one to levels of greatness. Also, don’t buy tight thinking you’ll lose weight before the event, chances are that you won’t, and wearing a size that’s slightly looser will be much more forgiving than squeezing yourself in and not being able to breathe all day. Play to your strengths. If you have great arms, show them off! If you’re carrying extra baby weight but have great boobs, show them off! Great colouring? Showcase it with some daring colours and prints! Talking of colour, and weddings tend to bring out a lot of it, try to be a little unpredictable – be inspired by the Dulux colour mixes adverts. Or try using all different tones of the same colour from the palest primrose through to rich daffodil yellow. Next point to note: avoid anything that might make you look like a bride, or a bridesmaid. To this end please, please avoid Coast.

It’s a nice time to do something out of character – everyone will be dressed up so you’re less likely to feel silly. If you’re not usually ‘girly’ why not go all out and surprise everyone? If you’re just not a dress person, try a jumpsuit, or some sort of silky separates look – but don’t go too casual – there’s nothing worse than spending all day feeling like you’ve made a lame effort. Try luxe neutrals (think wide legged palazzo pants and a silk blouse, with classy jewellery) which can look very sophisticated. I like to wear all black to weddings, it can stand out in the sea of pastels and colour and looks striking and smart in the summer. But the jury’s out on whether all black is ‘allowed’ at a wedding. Hope the dress edit saves you some time.

xx Nomad Thief aka the Wicked Fairy Godmother

Style it: pale grey sandal boots and a chunky bracelet, picking out colour/s from the dress. Need to wear a hat? a plain pillbox one is the only thing that would work
Zara dress, £79.99
Style it: not with such clumpy shoes as shown – keep it pretty and light. If you need to wear a hat, then wear a floppy wide brimmed one. Or just put some flowers (real ones) in your hair and keep with a bohemian theme
Style it: pretty, discreet, bohemian jewellery, strappy sandals or ornamental ballerina flats, and a tan. Don’t think this is a dress that will work if you need to wear a hat, it’s more of a flowers-in-your-hair / daisy chain round your head type dress
Style it: ethnic chunky jewellery, a bohemian, long-strapped bag, and strappy wedges. Need to wear a hat? Again, a floppy wide-brimmed one is best with this. And BIG retro sunglasses
Style it: grey or palest lilac accessories. No hat, but some weird little round glasses would do. Channel a Courtney Love vibe and don’t give a rat’s ass if the dress length is inappropriate for a wedding
Style it: that’s the beauty of it, you can’t go far wrong
Style it: comfortable but stylish wedges, if you’re very pregnant
Style it: flats for comfort
Style it: something other than black (you don’t want to look like a bumble bee). Actually, to be honest, am at a bit of a loss as to how to style this one
Style it: classy heels and great hair
Style it: an upper arm bangle, or an armful of various roman/grecian style bangles and some pretty gladiator sandals. An elaborate plaited updo with some soft goldy / metallic bits stuck in would look best with this
Style it: pretty shoes and pretty earrings. And a fascinator, much as I despise them
Style it: simple stilettos, a green clutch, a neat green pillbox if you like – and go easy on the jewellery (and lipstick) to avoid looking twee (a heinous crime)
Style it: cream accessories with maybe a pop of red (lipstick?) for a chic, gallic feel. Get a navy hat with a bit of a veil for an even more chic / cute look. Or some sort of summer cloche could look great with it
Style it: a Chanel style smart black bag and stylish platformed courts. Hat? Go extravagantly large and 80s
Style it: killer pins and attitude. Keep it simple – high peep-toed courts, a bangle and a plain clutch. No hat but maybe an oversized flower in your hair, or red lipstick like the lady in the picture – you need something to pull peoples eyes up to your face
Style it: minimal jewellery and ideally, no bag – the dress does all the talking. Hat? No – do yourself an updo and stick some chopsticks through it
Style it: stilettos (red, pink or green) for a 50s feel. Or peep-toed courts. Again – if you need a hat: pillbox
Style it: solid cream / off white would go with with this, little gloves and a pillbox hat would set it off nicely. Or a cute ‘formal’ turban
Style it: platform courts and no jewellery
Style it: a long string of pearls and a black and cream squareish shaped long strapped shoulder bag. A straw cloche might look good with this. I said might
Style it: hair up and statement earrings, little else. Strappy wedges to give height for maximum impact. No hat but if you want to go the whole hog wear your hair up in a gold turban

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  1. Am feeling VERY on trend as I have the top version of that Day Birger dress. Not that I ever wear it or anything, but still…

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