Cap inspiration

The (baseball) cap. Potential for sartorial triumph. Or disaster. And it’s having quite a moment lately. Worn right, the cap can bring a welcome edginess to your look. Worn wrong, it’ll just make you look like someone’s (albeit sporty) geeky American cousin.

Fashion is without a doubt mixing things up more and more these days. Sportswear came into its own in the Spring of this year (or at least on the catwalk… on the streets only the most brave and talented fashionistas managed to pull it off) and formal wear is now often mixed with casual wear to give a groomed, yet laid back impression. Formal wear has, if you like, been cooled up, and casual wear given a kick up the backside. Think distressed jeans worn with stilettos, jogging pants worn with heels, office wear teamed with trainers. The line is definitely getting more and more blurred. If you ask me, it’s a good thing. I’ve never been overly smart but this middle ground is something I think I might just be able to master.


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