Headscarf inspiration

Sometimes you get blindsided. (“What? Xxxxxs are cool now? When did that happen??!”) but this is one of those trends that could easily be seen rising from the street. Turbans, which were worn in varying guises right through from the 20s into the 50s, hit their peak in the summer of 2013 and now, headscarves are having their day. I think people started wearing them to the (so ubiquitous these days) festivals (either to be flamboyant or practical), and realised that they could actually also make the cut for ‘everyday wear’.

I adore the retro feel of headscarves and turbans, especially silky, patterned ones. And the sheer range of looks you can achieve with them. Go arty-bohemian and more casual (think 1940s land girl), go hippy (think Woodstock), go glamour (think Elizabeth Taylor), or go gypsy (hide dodgy hair away inside  and add some big hoops, great for summer) – just do it! You now have loads of ‘how to tie a headscarf’ posts on the internet (although the most fun way is just to experiment) and loads of images for inspiration. Also, at the minimal cost of an offcut of material or a scarf, there’s no excuse not to try this trend!


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