LFW day 3 – outfit post

One of my most treasured pieces of clothing and a family heirloom (it belonged to my Dad’s grandmother who would have worn it @1850-1890, and my Mum – original Lewis style maven – wore it in the 1960s and 70s to dinner dances), a dramatic Victorian cape. It really is striking and beautiful quality and elicited a lot of comment at LFW, even though I had played it down with some H&M leggings and flat boots. Like a lot of things in my wardrobe, it has sat there a long time, underused, but now its moment has definitely arrived! I can’t wait to wear it out dressed up for evenings this Autumn / Winter. One of the great things about capes is that they are super comfortable. You just need to take care to keep the bottom half of your silhouette reasonably slimline in order not to look frumpy.


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