LFW day 5 – outfit post

The only snag with boyfriend jeans is that they kind of make you look like you have a willy! Also, worn with flat boots like this, they can look slightly butch. But, in my defence, I was going for comfort over style. I am after all, a photographer / style-capturer first and foremost. (I like to think that I’m a bit of a fashionista too – albeit a low key one – but that’s besides the point.) Most of the time when am out with my camera, am all in black – it’s sort of a uniform that gets me in the mood (I feel all arty and incognito). This day was different and it was unfortunate, given that I was going for comfort, that I chose to wear a fur gilet – this the last day of September’s London Fashion Week ended up being sunny and 25 degrees! Thanks to @kaltrii for taking the photo.

fur gilet

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