Shopping inspiration #7

#1 Feather ear cuffs. How did I not know about these before??? You can get one from River Island here but also, if you want more elaborate and authentic ones, try Etsy here

desert dweller.... tribal feather ear cuff // free shipping, festival, burning man, headdressFeather Ear Cuff -  WolfFeather Ear Cuff

#2 Konceptich is a Croatian site set up by a friend of mine. A fantastic concept, it stocks affordable clothing, bags and jewelry from upcoming and already well established local designers. This bracelet for example I think is just gorgeous:


#3 Animal heads from Anthropologie. Yes, if am not careful our home’s soon going to look like an African hunting lodge… But these really are lovely – for a study, or you could buy one as a new baby gift for a nursery. Something a bit different, anyway.

970124_014_m7573465250001_001_mSavannah Story Bust, Rhino

#4 Converse. I kid you not. I resisted getting a pair of these for soooo long as I thought they were a bit predictable / ubiquitous / ‘done’ but I have to admit that these things (in white) have revolutionised my wardrobe this spring / summer. I’m a big fan of summer ankle boots but you can’t wear them all the time and I’m a bit funny about wearing sandals in town (too grimey and you get ‘Gypsy Foot’). They seem to kind of go with anything. Result!


#5 For your walls. La boutique du grand cirque has some classy, quirky wall stickers like these:


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