2013 Style Resolutions

You would think that, being into style, by this point in my life I’d have tried and tested everything. In reality I’m lazy about shopping (unless it’s for other people) and these days often find myself into a style rut and just going for comfort/casual dressing (typically, jeans or shorts with a t-shirt or jumper and boots) and looking like a (n albeit stylish) tramp. A bit like this recent post from undisputed street style photographer king The Sartorialist:


Now I think she looks great and I love the style, but for me, it’s time for something new… So, in writing this, am committing myself to devising some new looks, and to showing you the results – lame or otherwise. Namely, the following: lipstick (am a bit worried about this one, my past attempts have been not only disappointing but frankly a little bit frightening) / clothes from the mens department, but this time feminised / earrings (necessitating re-piercing my ears) / grown up shoes (not that I wear Crocs or anything, just that I seem to wear boots winter and summer) / statement collars, necklaces, buttoned up shirts + jumper necklines (good for covering up my scrawny neck) / winter bare legs with boots and calf length skirts (am most excited about this one) / blouses, jeans and high heels / vintage looks, all sorts / more jewellery in general (in particular – bangles, long necklaces and cocktail rings) / tracksuit bottoms and high boots (a la off duty Parisian model. Obviously I’ll look just like one) / dressing up (I have a pathalogical fear of being overdressed and need to get over it as it’s actually nice to make an effort) maybe in actual pretty dresses (I also have a pathalogical fear of looking ‘pretty’) / green (I love it but I don’t wear it enough). I think that’s it.

We all tend to stick to certain ‘formulas’ and we all get bored. Let’s mix it up. Pinpoint something (else) that you like (just look around at other people, or have a flick through some magazines) and just try it. Chances are that although you might have nailed one sort of look, you’ve probably missed a whole load of others that could work on you. Yes, it takes a little bit of thought and effort. But doesn’t everything worth doing?

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