This lovely, polite and natural girl from Inverness confirmed what I had suspected, that there’s a LOT of (real) fur on the streets this year. This jacket she had on was ‘an old one’ (which makes it slightly more palatable… my mum used to wear a wolf to my school gates and I wish she hadn’t got rid of it as I’d be tempted to wear it). I’m not one to throw paint over people and I recently chose a down filled ski jacket not realising that that too is ‘dodgy’ – but please have a read of this about fur. There are so many good fake alternatives out there now… admittedly not quite as warm, but what price a clean conscience? Another thing am noticing on the street is a lot of ‘top knots’. In fact it’s my hair style of choice lately – just makes sense with all my big-collared coats.


scottish girl 2scottish girl 2scottish girl 1scottish girl 1

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